10 places where i would like to go.

Egypt-I would like to go to Egypt because it is hot there and you can see all the tombs and ride camals but you would need alot of water.

China-I would like to go to China because the stuff there is really cool and I hear that the lightning is orange there it sounds cool.

Africa-I would like to go to Africa because the hunting is really good there it is hot there but you haft to live in villages and I would’nt want to.

India-I would like to go to india because you can dress cool and you haft to find your food I would like to do that.

Taiwan-I would like to go to Taiwan because there are swamps there with the crocodiles i would like to catch one but it is a really hot place.

Australia-I would like to go to Australia because there is alot of cool animals and it is hot there I like any where it is hot.

Sudan- I would like to go to sudan because it is cool there the weather is nice but it is apoor country I would just like to visit.

japan-I would like to go to Japan because they teach u hot to fight the weather is nice there but I would’nt know how to speak there language.

Asia-I would like to go to Asia because they have cool players there like music and the stuff is awesomebut they a a language to.

Kazakhstan-I would like to go to Kazakhstan because they buid there houses with bambo and stuff I would like to visit and see how they do it.

7 thoughts on “10 places where i would like to go.

  1. Hi Josh.
    I would love to go to all of those places. I have already been to Australia before, It was awesome.
    I have never heard of Kazakhstan before, Which continent is it in?

  2. Josh,
    I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I will be a teacher one day. I loved reading about all the places you would like to visit. I can tell that you like to visit places that are hot and have a lot of unusual animals. I lived in Thailand when I was a kid and I rode an elephant. It was fun and kind of scary. What is your favorite place you have visited already? My favorite place is St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands. I hope you get to visit many fun places through out your life time!

      • You still have plenty of time to visit the world. Keep up your school work and keep doing well! I have no doubt that you will be able to go anywhere that you set your mind to!

        Good Luck!
        Mrs. Kathy Zoghby

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