An artist in the classroom

This past week we had a artist in the classroom named ann she is a sculpting artist. And this past week that she has been here she taught us how to make masks before I tell you more I’ll tell you stuff that we used to make them first we had to crimple up carboard then fold the carboard. then we had to staple it together then after draw eyes and a nose and cut it out. then we had to add features like nose,ears and a mouth then we papered mashayed it and then painted it an we were done.


and after we were done we all had to present them also the thing that I thought was cool they were mostly all characters from the 18 hundreds. the guy that I did was a civil war guy I never knew that mask making would ever be so fun if Ann was ever to comeback and we made more masks that would be really fun.

New year New me

Things I need to improve on myself are I need to stop running down the hallway when I am told not to. And I need to stop acting inappropriately on the equipment I also need to stop acting inappropriately on the swings. And there is one more thing I also need to stop fooling around in french when I should be payattention.



Things I need to improve on in school are I need to payattention in french instead of fooling around sometimes.



I need to improve in my family because after I go to the bathroom I forget to open the door because it always shuts. And I should do my homework before I play video games.



What I could do for the local community is if I see garbage pick it up or pollution try and pick it up.



What I could do for the world is if I see garbage pick it up and if there is stuff that I don’t use donate it to the hungry. And I could also walk far to raise money for cancer reasearch.

My favourite tv show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My favourite tv show Is three’s company 1 because It Is really really funny and I like tv shows that make me laugh. The show Is about this guy Jack tripper lives with 2 roomates named Janet and Cindy and alot of times Jack has a date and he wants them out of there. Because If the girl finds out that Jack Is living with 2 roomates alot of shows show him getting smacked so I bet that’s what would happen to him.

My favorite holiday

My favorite holiday Is christmas because It Is a holiday where you get to stay home from school for a pretty long time. And you get to open gift’s. But the most important thing about christmas Is to spend time with your family and It Is jesus’s birthday that Is my favorite holiday.


I am back before I told you about my favorite game now I am going to tell you about my favorite fruit strawberrys. The colour of strawberries are red and on the top It Is green and sometimes when you bite them they sometimes will have seeds In them. 


Hi everybody I am starting a new post on favorites.I will tell you two things one I like to play video games like call of duty and modern warfare out of both I like to play call of duty the most because there Is a mode called nazi zombies. And It Is really fun and modernwarfare games are fun to because you get multiplayer on It and that Is really fun

How to get more comments on your blog

Some of the ways you can get people to comment on your blog Is If you have something that interests them and you make sure that you include spelling puctuation organization and capitals. I am not 100% sure this would get comments on your blog but If you make sure to include c.o.p.s and something they will want to read that will get you comments on your blog

About my family

Today I am starting a new post about what my family likes to do.Some of the things that interests my family Is they like to watch tv and there favorite show on tv Is three’s company and little house on the prarie and Is weird because those are my favorite tv shows to. Another thing that interests my family Is my mom loves to cook and go on the computer. And my dad sometimes likes to play with me on videogames and my sisters they are like my mom because they love to go on the computer and cook. My sister sam mostly likes to bake but I think that counts as cooking and I just like to play cod videogames and sit on the couch and eat chips well I watch tv.And my uncle he liked to take me out hunting with him and we would always drive up the cemetery that I live by at like 10 at night It was pretty scary. And we would always go down town to the one place and get fish and chips and play some pool and then we would always get pizza. My favorite part Is when I would sometimes sleep over and we would stay up all night watching scary movies and eating cold pizza.


Sometimes It Is important to show your creativity because then people know what you like.And on most posts you think It has to have pictures but It doesn’t you can express what you think instead of putting pictures on your blog.And before I go I will tell you two more things first If you want to let people know what you like you can post It on other places on the internet and my favorite recipe Is making cake.


Halloween halloween we all scream halloween.Halloween Is one of the best times of the year because you get candy.And you get to carve pumpkins but to me the best part Is scaring people because you can make them drop there candy.Also what you can do on halloween Is decorate like you can have fake cobwebs fake R.I.P graves and that makes people more scared.And now I will tell you one more thing that I enjoy about halloween Is dressing up to go trick or treating that Is my favorite part.